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Queen Mary Sailsports

One of the premier inland dinghy and windsurfing racing clubs, Queen Mary's large sailing water is ideal for racing or just having fun.

The reservoir is man-made and so the surface is 45ft above the surrounding countryside giving good unobstructed wind over the 700 acres.

The club is professionally staffed with safety at all times that the water is open, and our staff will be delighted to show you around the club and explain membership options to you. You will not be expected to do duties in the galley and in the safety boats as this is all done professionally, but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in club life.

As a member you can sail whenever the club is open, store your boat or board in the boat park, use the club house facilities at any time, and attend club social events. There is a 20% club member discount on most of our training courses and on boat hire.

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Queen Mary Sailsports
Queen Mary Reservoir
Ashford Road
TW15 1UA
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1784 248881
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