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Wicomico Yacht Club

In 1958, the idea of a local yacht club came to a group of boaters rafted at Mollie’s Point. The club was named Mollie’s Point Yacht Club.

In the Fall of 1959, many organizational meetings were held, property on the Wicomico River was purchased, the name was changed to Wicomico Yacht Club, and the Charter and By-laws were drawn. December 1st of 1959 was the official opening and charter date of the Wicomico Yacht Club and on November 12, 1959 officially incorporated

An old farmhouse on the property served as the Clubhouse, after much renovation, with the members doing all the work. The parting lot and the front yard were filled and leveled. By the 1960 boating season, “A” Dock was completed, followed quickly by “B” Dock.

The first Commodore’s Ball was held in November of 1961.

In the Winter of 1963, the old porch was torn away and replaced by a much larger one, being used today. Funds for the porch were donated by club members; each member was asked to donate $ 50.00 or more.

The Wicomico Yacht Club was responsible for getting 17 channel lights and 3 day beacons on the Wicomico River in 1964. Until that date, the River was unmarked and dark.

“D” Pier, with 16 covered slips was build in the Spring of 1964 with financial assistance of 16 members.

Many well known persons have participated in the Wicomico Yacht Club opening festivities in May throughout the years. Among them were the Late Rogers C.B. Morton, US Representative, the Late J. Millard Tawes, Maryland Governor, and Lloyd L. Simpkins, Secretary of State.

“C” Pier was completed in 1967 with 12 covered slips.

In the fall of 1976 the original Clubhouse was torn down, leaving only the porch, to make room for a new and modern Clubhouse. The new Clubhouse was completed in the Spring of 1977.

The Above Courtesy Of Jane White

Wicomico Yacht Club Opening Day History

Plans were made for the first opening day celebration in 1961. Robert Prior, our third Commodore, was the General Chairman of the one day event. A boat parade was held. The local marine dealers had displays and safety demonstrations were given by US Coast Guard. Sailboats had a race. The general public was invited and members of the Yacht Club gave boat rides to the public, soft sole shoes were requested. The date of this gala was May 27, 1961. A skiing contest was planned, but the weatherman did not cooperate - cold, cloudy and windy. We all wore winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. No one went skiing as the temperature was in the 30’s. I don’t think we have ever been as cold. The First Mates served food during the day.

Have no record of Opening Day in 1962. Perhaps we were afraid to schedule one after the cold, dreary day in 1961.

In 1963 a two-day gala was planned to open the boating season. On Saturday we had a flag raising at 2 P.M. Richard Wootten was Master of Ceremonies. Our guest speaker was the Honorable Rogers C.B. Morton. Again we had free boat rides, demonstrations of boats by participating marine dealers; Lombardo’s, Paine Boat Yacht, White Marine Supplies, The Ship, and Holt’s Marine. A steak dinner was served Saturday night by the First Mates - can you believe for $ 2.50 per person. AND dancing to the “Tempos” for $ 1.50 each! Sunday was more dealer demonstrations on free boat rides. A chicken barbecue was served for $ 1.25 and we bought the chicken!

1964 Opening Day was again a two-day affair with the general public invited. Saturday many distinguished guests attended the flag raising at 1:30 P.M. including the Governor of Maryland, Millard Tawes, who arrived aboard the luxurious Maryland Yacht. Tours of this Yacht were available throughout the afternoon. Other guests: Mary L. Nock, Maryland State Senator; Richard Wootten, Wicomico County Commissioner; and V.V. Hughes, Wicomico Yacht Club’s first Commodore. Again, boat demonstrations, free boat rides, steak dinner and dancing on Saturday night and chicken barbecue on Sunday.

A two-day festival again was planned for 1966 Opening. Guests included Lloyd Simpkins, Maryland Secretary of State. Plans during the weekend were similar to past years.

in 1981, after a 12 year lapse, Wicomico revived a tradition by holding an Opening Day Ceremony featuring a review of the history of the club and a Blessing of the Fleet. Only members and guests were invited. Past Commodores were honored, Games, food and dancing filled the day.

This Opening Day schedule has been followed to the present. Wicomico Yacht Club has had many distinguished guests attending Opening day throughout the years. I can only remember one rainy day for Opening Day after the first cold and dreary day.


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