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Inverness Yacht Club

The Inverness Yacht Club, on Tomales Bay, was founded in 1912 for the purpose of preserving Tomales Bay, fostering boating and yachting and to serve as a base for adult and youth activities in the community, both on and off the water.

The Inverness Yacht Club is an all volunteer organization, relying on its members to assist in keeping the club operational. Volunteer service includes every aspect of the Club � tending the facility itself and shepherding it�s social events, involvement in the Racing program as well as the Adult Boating and Youth Sailing programs, contributing to a monthly newsletter (The Pilot), pitching in on work days, helping with our Ships� Store which sells clothing and related items, and meeting the many other needs of the organization. Every member is expected to participate in some way.

The membership is made up of permanent and part-time residents of West Marin, as well as families and individuals who don�t mind the lovely drive to spend time at the Club. Activities include sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, fishing and just messing around in boats. A sizable amount of time is spent relaxing and socializing with other members and guests.

The Inverness Yacht Club is very much a family oriented organization. Dependent children are treated as part of a membership. One aspect of membership is that couples hold a single membership, but are treated as individuals for purposes of voting and holding office.


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