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Sydney University Sailing Club

The Sydney Uni Sailing Club was established in 1964 and since then has had a successful history as part of Sydney University for many years. The club was run in many ways and from various locations around Sydney harbour with each being specialised to specific classes of boats. At the Clubs peak, membership reached over 400 with the social activities of the club providing as much attraction as the sailing. In cooperation with the other university sailing clubs around Australia, various regattas and social events were held each year which created an environment where sailing could be both social and competitive. In this sense, members were given the equipment to get out on the harbour to enjoy them selves and the sport of sailing. This kind of club structure provided a means for those without sailing experience to get involve with the sport while those with a competitive streak could compete in State and National class regattas. The racing side of the club provided the support for the 26 sailors who received their Blues for sailing in recognition of their achievements.


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