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Seafood for Your Sailing Expedition

Taking to the seas sometime soon on your sailboat, yacht, or other aquatic vehicle? If so, you should prepare some food to bring along with you that fits the occasion. Sure, you may be a big fan of country chicken sandwiches or piping hot New York pizza, but neither of those options really complements the waters. For sea expeditions, you need seafood, and below weíll go over several different options for eating out in the open ocean.

If youíre looking for something casual and quick to eat, try preparing some fish fillet sandwiches or jumbo shrimp. Anything that falls into the category of Ďhand foodí should work well, as you can still manage to keep one hand free at all times in case the need arises. Basically, donít make this the day to bring a plate of freshly caught lobster and set up a table cloth on the deck of the boat, since if you need to run in five minutes, you wonít truly be able to appreciate the fine flavor and texture of lobster. Save that for a romantic evening when the waters arenít rough and you donít have any other boating tasks at hand to handle.

For a classy, impressive alternative, you can always bring along a tin of caviar. Though exorbitantly pricey in some circumstances, particularly if youíre trying to obtain Beluga or Kaluga roe, there are many types of caviar out there that are equally flavorful without nearly as steep a price tag. Caviar rides that line between a fine food experience and a casual dining atmosphere, as you can quickly and easily eat roe without spilling using a mother of pearl spoon or crackers, though you may want to save this as a treat if you only have a few seconds to spare when eating.

If the above two options donít appeal to you, you can always catch your own lunch or dinner. After all, you are out on the open ocean, so why not take advantage of it?